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S20! Front camera

I'm really not happy with the camera on my S20. My photographs look bad, especially when compared to those taken on my S9. Having detail isn't always a good thing, as I will show you below. 

This was taken on the S20


This was taken on the S9

As far as I'm aware, the settings are exactly the same. Although, the newer phone seems more focused on selfies, with features such as jawline and eyes. The S90 doesn't make me pale and leaves the background as dark as it actually was, the S20, on the other hand, brightens everything and adds too much detail, sometimes, less is more! 

I've even tried making a filter out of old photos, but they then look too orange. 

Please either help to get the settings right or make up a new mode, I won't be buying another Samsung if this is how my photographs will be from now on. 


Camera again

So I've already written a post about the quality of my S20 front camera, but less than a day later and I've decided to write another. Upon further inspection of the two phones, I have realised that the S20 is very blurry in my more recent photos. I take my photos using the timer, I move away, stand still and wait. This was no issue on my S9, but on my S20, it is. The images are starting to become blurry. I haven't changed anything, it just seems to be deteriorating. 

Please help. Send an update or something