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S20+ Hotspot issue

So I got my S20+ roughly a month ago and everything on it worked well with the exception of the hotspot feature. I was able to finally get it working but it decided randomly today that it didn't want to anymore. With it off I'm able to stream videos and movies but with it on it either refuses to or struggles to load a web page on both the phone and "connected" device. I have a 100GB hotspot plan with sprint and spent 3 hours with them for them to essentially tell me they don't have a clue why it isn't working. This is my only source of internet so I would like to be able to connect it to my pc or tv.



Product Expert

Re: S20+ Hotspot issue



This sounds like a frustrating situation especially since it is essential for you to have a Hotspot. I would suggest taking your New S20 to the nearest Samsung Experience or Ubreakifix store. They will run a  ton of diagnostics and get this issue resolved for you wether it be somethig software related or even deeper we will get that hotspot fixed and working like it should for you.  Here is a link to help you


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