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S20+ How to turn off Fast Charging?

I am using a Samsung galaxy s20 plus.The problem is i cannot charge my phone in normal mode with the supplied charger.I can only charge in super fast and fast mode.But i want to charge my mobile in normal mode that is i like to avoid fast charging and super fast charging.

I have switched off super fast and fast charging option in device care>Battery>Charging option.Note that here all the modes of charging is showing that means fast charging,super fast charging & Fast wireless charging.I have turned off all three of them but when i charge my phone with my supplied adapter i cannot charge in normal mode only in fast and super fast mode.

Point to be noted here that when i charge my mobile using my old galaxy s10 plus charger in normal mode (switching fast and super fast off) it works perfectly.I can easily charge in normal mode.

I have reset my phone (Factory reset) but with no result.Is there any problem with my phone or my charger?Please help.