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S20 Maximum power save mode issue

Yesterday I was very busy and needed to put my S20 on maximum power save mode for a hour or so. When I got home I places my s20 on the charger and put it back on Optimize mode. I noticed that all my apps were out of there folders and I had about 6 or 7 pages of apps when normally I have only 2 pages with folders to separate my apps. Samsung can yall please fix this issue. It took me for the 35 to 40 minutes to place them all back into there folders.


Re: S20 Maximum power save mode issue

Glad to hear someone else has a similar problem. It happened on my S9+ and now my S20+, I have some (but not all) folders that occasionally doubble up the apps within them - it took me ages to work out that it only happened when I put the phone in "Maximum Power Saving" mode for the night. I stopped doing this and it hasn't happened since. But I hope Samsung can fix this as I like using this feature to save battery use overnight.