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S20+ Orders Keep Getting Cancelled

I'm trying to trade my s8 Active in to get a few hundred off of a new S20+, but the orders just keep getting cancelled. I've tried using my card. I've tried using my wife's card. I've tried ordering it on her account. I've contacted Bank of America to see if I was being blocked due to weird activity. They confirmed that all of the cancellations have been on Samsung's side and not from the bank. 


I have checked to make sure my payment info is correct. It is the exact same payment info i use whenever I buy literally anything else online. Only now am I having any issues. 


I contact Samsung support both via their instant messaging service and over the phone and I got no help either time. Their solutions are: 1) "Check payment info", 2) "Try changing payment methods, like Samsung Financing", and 3) "Try purchasing from your local Samsung retailer".

1) Checked it. Bank confirmed it was accurate.

2) I've tried changing cards. I'm not interested in financing. I just want to pay for the phone and be done with it. 

3) We're in the middle of a global freaking pandemic. Why would I want to go to my local retailer? I'm buying online to avoid going places, also I want to use Samsung's trade in service that I don't get from other retailers...


Anybody else run into this problem? What should I do?


Re: S20+ Orders Keep Getting Cancelled

Same thing happened to me with the note 10 plus I was told then that when you trade in a device you cannot use a debit or bank card it has to be strictly a credit card because they put a hold on your account for the trade value I just tried again yesterday and they canceled my order again