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S20+ Pink Lines of Death and be extra caution when sending device in for warranty servicing

(Topic created: 04-15-2022 08:43 AM)
Galaxy S20

Writing in to check with the community on what are the other available options other then paying for out-of-warranty S20+ LCD screen replacement? 

Some time back after I executed an update, pink lines of death started appearing on the LCD screen. Checked in with Samsung and they only came back with a very brief assessment that LCD screen require replacement without indicating what's the root cause. And the best part is, when the phone came back from the technician, more lines appear.

Someone from the service center contacted me since I escalated the case to them and the explanation provided are that they are unable to ascertain the root cause for the pink lines, but at the same time are confident that they could not have caused the appearance of the additional pink lines when the phone was in their hand. 

Right now, I'm very reluctant to pay for the LCD screen replacement as this issue is most likely to resurface again, especially knowing those representatives over at Samsung don't care about their consumer after sales.   

BTW, I've tried the template resolution methods found on this forum and other Samsung help page but still am unable to remove those lines. 

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Galaxy S20

I have similar issue with my S20+ (out of warranty: 1yr 4months old). I have escalated this issue and waiting for answers from Sumsung. Looks like this issue is widespread in S20 models.

when I searched in other forums vertical green/pink lines are appearing after using the phones for 14-18months.

With my initial investigation this could happen only with substandard / faulty displays being used in production line (at least on a specific batch).

Try to escalate this issue with samsung / customer care. if needed we need to run a campaign so that this company acknowledges this issue and replaces faulty displays. 

I didn't face this issue with other cheep Android phones.