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S20 Plus 5g constant glitch

(Topic created on: 2/14/21 9:24 PM)
Galaxy S20
Can someone suggest something here.  I just baught 2 of the s20 plus 5g in July.  One for me and one for my wife.  Both phones are already glitching.  Specifically it seems after downloading UI 3.0 on T-Mobile.

My phone continually looses contact with google when trying to search. Both on WiFi and cellular.

Wife's phone is losing access to her location on google maps

My phone is opening apps randomly when I unlock it. Every single time. Very frustrating especially when it's the camera app.

Her phone is sending blurry photos and is having a hard time staying connected to the cellular network.

My phone can't seem to take an up close photo, and seems to take blurry shots unless you take 1p pictures and tap the screen half a dozen times.

Is this an update issue? Will there be a software fix for this? Are we under warranty still? And finally... Should I just go to the dark side and join the iphone crowd?
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Galaxy S20
Try a replacement sim card, have T mobile do a reboot on their end