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S20 UItra 5G - EVERYTHING broken after Feb 2021 update

(Topic created: 02-22-2021 12:28 PM)
Galaxy S20

Galaxy S20 UItra 5G EVERYTHING broken after Feb 2021 android/system update on model# SM-G988U1


Build Number : G988U1UEU1CTLB
Android version : R(Android 11)
Release Date : 2021-02-15
Security patch level : 2021-01-01
 Current version: G988U1UEU1CTLB / G988U1OYM1CTLB / G988U1UEU1CTLB Security patch level: January 1, 2021

Once the notification bar has been pulled down, any touch place anywhere on the screen instantly curls the notification bar backed up and immediately goes to a locked lock screen. When unlocking the lock screen then, the selected notifications from just before does not open up to the foreground. 

Also can't I use screen recorder, or screenshot, or just about any other of the apps or functions that come built-in by Samsung. About 80% of third-party apps do not work either and end in "app has closed errors." 

several other weird quirky things also. 

Check this Samsung members app and Community Forum where everyone is listing problems encountered since this last February 2021 update, which was an update for a lot of different models of phone, so It's not just one type of device. It looks like Samsung just bricked or near bricked millions of phones . I've been having damn near all of them plus the aforementioned ever since directly after restart after update was installed. 

I have cleared the cache partition, I have done a factory reset, and so I'm stuck with the phone and all of the problems happening embedded in the code of the update which is now my build for my operating system or firmware and I can't roll it back, and 
you guys are working on a OTa update right? Pleeeease? I don't wanna send in my phone on warranty which is what one employee said since factory reset didn't fix it. 

 Any ETA on that? 

Love yall! I know that things happened, and Samsung is a great company with wonderful employees for the most part oh, and I have faith in them to rectify the situation for all of their thousands or millions of customers who are unable to use their devices, some of which 



1.) cleared cache partition (no avail) 
2.) factory reset (still to no avail)
Both above were requested by Samsung employees 
3.) Samsung does not allow patch or update rollbacks for security
4.) So we're waiting on a another OTC a update to fix all of these problems

P. S. 
Has anyone done factory data reset and had it fix their bugs?? 

Thx all, I wish you peace and power to stay calm. much love! 
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Cosmic Ray
Galaxy S20
I'm having similar issues and I have a Note 20 Ultra. I ended up getting my phone replaced but unfortunately the replacement phone updated automatically to the UI 3.0 and now I'm having the same problem.
Galaxy S20

Mine S20U having the issue with fast battery draining even when not in use, only a few hours (abt 3-4hrs) dropped from 90 to 30%.

Today I tried to recalibrate by charging it to full then plus 2 hours (ifix solutions), it looks like helping. 

But fast wireless charging remains a mess. Am using original Samsung fast wireless charging 2.0 duo pad. It said fast wireless charging, but the estimate time shown is incorrect, way faster than actual. I use Accu Battery to measure charging time and actual amps, which shown correct info of actual current which is considered slow/normal charging process with estimated completion time longer then what the device said. 

Believed its a firmware issue. 

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Community Manager
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I would ask that you please try to make sure everything is up to date on the phones, as well as with your applications. There may be some third party applications that are not working with the newest update, however unfortunately this is an app developer's responsibility to update their apps for compatibility with the newest software. In regards the the other things you mentioned, I would recommend logging this within the Samsung Members app in the errors, so that we can get an error log. 

[ How to report error using Samsung Members application ]

1. Long press Samsung Members icon  on Apps screen and Tap Error reports.

2. Tap OK on agreement popup for sending system log data.

3. Select Symptom category.

4. Describe problem in detail and SEND

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