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S20 Ultra camera focus issues

seems like the latest software update ending with the letters ATCT for the Ultra has fixed the focus issues. This applies to the USA versions with the Snapdragon processor.  I installed the update, then compared the camera performance with my Note 9 plus and find the Ultra camera is very comparable to the Note 9. However, I still notice just a little lag in the video focusing under lower indoor lighting. I also noticed an occasional slight  jump in the camera as it adjust to stay focused in still shots and video butbits not enough to ruin your video. I noticed my Note 9 did the same thing. I thing its just that the screen is bigger on the Ultra and therefore it's more noticeable because of that. The focus on both the still shots and the video doesn't go nuts hunting for focus on your subject. But because the hardware on the Ultra uses a different method to focus than the Note 9, I do see a millisecond delay on focusing from near focusing to one further away when you change your focal point using the video mode. The camera can still freeze out of focus if something passes close in to the camera while your focused on something distant. For example.  If I'm focused on something say ten or twenty feet away and I pass my hand infront of the camera like six inches or a foot the focus on the distant objects will go out of focus and freeze in that out of focus state. You have to tap the screen to get it to refocus or just move the camera slightly to get it to focus. But that also seems to be like that on my Note9 also. So I'm gonna say the Ultra focus is working much better, if not 100%. The only issue I seem to have now is night mode shots. It seems that when I take a picture in the night mode, after it's done recording the images there seems to be an area along the edges of the picture that appears out of focus and has a purplish tint to it. At first I thought I had my finger to close to the lens but i took several more shots using a tripod and some of the pictures still had this in the corners and sometimes at the edges. Fix that and this camera will be top notch.