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S20 agressive post processing

The post processing on images generated trough the camera app is super aggressive and renders the produced image useless.

This device is marketed for it's camera capabilities. I am sure the camera is up to the task but in combination with the current software it is below anything acceptable. I regret having sold my S9+ the other day.
Images are basically destroyed. It's sad enough you can't capture precious moments with the device out of the box without having smeared some of the weirdest colour saturation / hdr / softening over the pictures. But it is even more frustrating there is no work around possible if you want to use the hardware in another way.

When will cam2 api be implemented in a way so at least the use of third party software can fix this until native Samsung camera app gets a decent do-over? Or at least implement pro / raw export for all the included lenses in Samsung software?

Is Samsung working on fixing this issue?


Attached is a photo made with the S20. There is no way to fix this image as it is completely ruined in post processing jpg. You can actually see it happen a moment after the image is saved in the little preview. In outdoor conditions this happens 9/10 times even with all scene optimisation and HDR turned off.20200711_165720-03.jpeg



Re: S20 agressive post processing

same here with my s20 color are over saturated even with hdr/ optimization off