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S20 fe front camera glass broken

(Topic created on: 4/4/21 7:15 PM)
Galaxy S20
My front camera glass has broken and it hardly leaves my pocket, is this covered by samsung?
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Galaxy S20

It surely depends on where are you located. I would go back to where I bought my phone from and ask them to replace it.


Gorilla glass isn't it ? In the past I had blackberry 9900 once I walked somewhere and dropped it so unfortunetaly that my terrific brand new 9900  went under wheels  of car that was just passing by. I paid for my brand new bb9900 back then 500 pounds. It was a lot. I could see my blackberry on the road lying down there thought it surely got killed by a stupid car! Went to it picked it up looked at it carefully  praying God please I want my bb9900 to live! NOT EVEN INE SCRATCH! imagine dropping your brand new S20 plus under car . This whole gorilla 5 or 6 whatever its called would get smashed into million pieces..