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S20 for a Pixel 5?

Just curious if anybody else feels like ditching their S20.  I've had Samsung phones for almost 10 years and lately I've just been growing tired of them.  I used a Pixel 4a for a weekend and wow what a breath of fresh air it was.  It felt like a totally new and different experience.  Everything was just so simple and basic.  It was quite nice.  And the 4a actually took more realistic pictures and often sharper pictures.  Samsung is ok but it's become a pain to have their skin over Android, and Samsung apps pushed over Google apps which are generally better to use.  The whole Samsung account is sort of annoying.  And then the ads being forced into native apps was just the kicker for me.  People have spent $1000 on this phone...and they throw ads at you in the weather, health, and music apps.  Get lost Samsung.  Honestly if the Pixel 5 wasn't coming out I would still ditch my S20 for the 4a.  That's saying something.  I felt like One UI was really cool to use but after using Android on Pixel I have to say I'd much rather just stick with that instead of One UI.  So soon I will be saying goodbye to Samsung.  Anybody else? Would love to hear your thoughts!


Re: S20 for a Pixel 5?

If you want pure Android and the latest updates the fastest get a Pixel! Galaxy are kinda like the name says. A galaxy full of stuff to tinker with, browse, shiny glittery so to speak. iphone is more of a social device well connected in a locked down ecosystem. Ive had LG, HTC, Nokia, Motorola but I keep coming back to Samsung. Who knows what the future holds. I thought I would never leave HTC until the Note 3 dropped.