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S20 freezing, random restarts, battery drain and overheating

(Topic created on: 3/4/21 3:52 AM)
Galaxy S20

Brand new S20 bought for Christmas a few months ago, phone was freezing, random restarts, battery drain and overheating.

Verizon replaced device now 1 month later new device same thing, phone is completely inoperable at this time.

I am begging verizon to send me a different model as 2 have failed but they stand by their extortion contract, how are we to be held responsible for a $700 phone that doesn't work?

Samsung support is useless as well, this is insane

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Galaxy S20
Sorry to hear that go to the store and insist on speaking to the highest level their and bring all you paperwork and insist they solve the problem you can't waste your hard earn money like that... And yes Samsung Customer service need better training or one-day all faithful customer will go to another Brand.Good luck keep us updated. I like to know out come on things like these I'm a big advocate for getting results when a company is wrong....