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S20 plus greenline issue

(Topic created: 08-04-2022 08:38 AM)
Galaxy S20

In previous month I got an update, after this update I am facing vertical green line on my samsung s20 plus many times . my phone is out of warranty and also I am not going to pay any single amount of money because it's not my fault it's brand fault he sent me an update then I am facing this problem. I hope I will get positive response from users and also #samsungcommunity.


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Red Giant
Galaxy S20
You can try doing a a partition cache clear which is good for clearing out the software bugs that sometimes come with these updates or if that does not resolve the issue you can perform a factory reset after backing up all of your data. These do it yourself steps should be effective if your issue is due to a software bug. If they do not resolve the problem then it is likely that it is a hardware problem and you will need to submit a warranty claim if it has been a year or less since you purchased your device.