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S20+ problems so far

(Topic created on: 12/6/20 6:34 AM)
Galaxy S20

Hi, it been more than 24 hours with Samsung galaxy s20+ 5G (exynos/12GB ram/ 128GB)and I have the following observations:


1- battery is super bad, given me only 4 hours of screen on time. 2- battery drain while the screen off is huge (almost 2% per hour) so I unplugging it at 12 am with 100% and when I wake up battery is 89% 3- it lags during normal use of phone and you can notice the frames drop when it do. 4- it becomes warm during normal use and very hot during games 5- i tried pubg and the performance is very laggy, my old mate 20 with higher resolution settings is much smoother 6- camera UI is not smooth while you move between deferent shots menues 7- main camera tends to soft people skin , and indoor pictures are bad 8- charging speed is not predicted, first time I charged it show me it will be full within 1 hour but took 2 hours, the second time charge it show full within 1 hour and finish within 1 hour- i guess phone was calibrating.


Please if you have the same phone version, let me know if you faced similar issues.

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