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I loved  My S7, I now have an s20 Voice recognition is terrible compared to the S7.

 Getting into the S20 is a nightmare voice recognition facial recognition touch recognition awful I don't know how many times I have to swipe the screen and re enter A my phone print Or my face as you can see I'm not gonna fix this

 I loved my a s7 now I have an S20 Voice recognition is terrible compared to the S7, Getting the S20 to open is also a nightmare Not all recognition does not work well I'm trying to tell you through voice recognition and this is what I'm getting at the time finger  A been trying to say print and it says it failed Numerous times, does not work well Half the time I can't even get to the screen to enter my passcode .. And actually printed. The 1st time my a 7 never do that 29 icon I said there's 3 times on mice S7 main screen I can already get 9 icons are my main screen of my S20. I've talked to  Many different wraps Some of your rep resented devs  tell me Icon I don't how many times I gotta say the same thing over again to get it printed but I think you get the idea it's awful The good thing is I still have my S7 and this as twenties under warranty


Re: S20

Sounds exactly like the troubles my Old lady's having 2 of the same phone lynn