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[...SOLVED?] The recent update may have partially broken my phone...

(Topic created on: 1/24/21 8:58 AM)
Galaxy S20


Looks like I've found a solution myself. I had to reset the settings. But all this has happened a second time a day after I had done that. I'm not sure what's causing this still. It's driving me nuts.


I need help, seriously!
I'll list everything I know so far about what's going on with my phone after I had updated it last night:


- Certain settings in the Settings app makes the app itself crash, such as Notifications or Display.

- I cannot call or send texts because both apps no longer function.

- Nothing in My Files works. Clicking on something makes it freeze, then crashes the app.

- Clicking on notifications makes the phone restart.


I don't know why it's acting up like this. I'd appreciate it if I could get help on this. I don't know what to do, I've never asked for support before.
I have an s20 Ultra.

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Galaxy S20
wipe cashes partition
Repair app