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Samsung A20 privacy

1)    Is there a web app or Android app that can be totally undetectable in some way. Maybe hiding complete sites or pages of sites under a false layer ? Or under different color , or blacklist someone from getting to the I real one? With emergency shut off maybe . Major purpose would be for chatting maybe going live . Not keeping any entered names and accounts . 
Please let me know is good detail. As if explaining like a child. I'm very new . 
Cosmic Ray

Re: Samsung A20 privacy

@Catvaughnb have you thought about using Samsung Secure Folder? It's already installed on your device and you can place apps writing this folder that can only be accessed by you directly passcode or biometric lock. On your device the apps can still be seen on the regular UI. When you place an app within Secure Folder it is a if you have two apps of the same kind on your device, but one with security access.