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Samsung Cloud needed as secondary backup to Google Photos

(Topic created on: 4/7/21 12:52 PM)
Galaxy S20

Hello. My name is Perrine Coppage and I have been a Samsung user since Galaxy 3 came out. I do admit, I have switched to the an I phone only a couple of times due to out side pressure but  switched back because I missed the freedom and the features that only Samsung provided. I did not switch from the Galaxy 3 for a while because of the features that only the 3 provided. 

I waited patiently and did my research on every new phone that Samsung came out with, but was not impressed because simply, it did not have the same features that the  had and it did not compare to the three. So, I waited and when the Galaxy S7 came out, I was actually impressed because it had some of the features that the 3 provided so I purchased it. 

I now have the Galaxy 20 and I am happy with the features, the video quality, and what I can do with it. (except create a video and play music at the same time. I still do not understand why we can not do this in 2021.)

I also like the fact that with the Samsung, you can access all of your documentations with the Samsung cloud and Google cloud. But, you can not back up your photos or videos with Samsung Cloud which is disappointing because you really do need multiple places to back those things up just in case one goes down or get hacked into. 

I also feel that Google Could should also separate the videos and photos so it is easier to access so you are not looking for something. It is nice that you can go by the year, but what happens if you are looking for something right away and you need to have access to those particular videos or pictures? 

I will always be a Samsung user. Two out of the three TV's in my home are Samsung and my dryer is a Samsung. But, just like humans, things always need improving and sometimes, just a simple change can help. 

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