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Samsung Galaxy s20

(Topic created: 06-18-2021 06:53 AM)
Galaxy S20
Half the time I take pictures,  it clicks, and acts like it takes the picture....but it doesn't take the picture.  Is this some kind of glitch. Yes its in photo mode, yes, everything is updated, but dam I miss some good shots believing it takes them when it's not !!!
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Galaxy S20

well..... since you say everything is up to date, and the mode settings are properly set up. seems like a Software related or maybe just an app issue.

Either way, I suggest recreating the issue (with the screen recording would be best) and submit an issue report to Samsung Members app. Reproduction of the issue allows the device to take a fresh log of phone's activity which should contain the cause of the camera's issue, which techs will need.

Hope you get a fix!!! 🙂 keep the thread updated in the case that others have same/similar issues, I'd like to know the fix if my phone does this as well.