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Samsung S20 5G ULTRA- Issues with already recorded sound bleeding onto new recordings..??

(Topic created on: 4/12/21 12:18 AM)
Galaxy S20

Hi to all. This is going to be an odd post but I am desperate to find a cure. I like record audio of certain things. My daughter singing when she doesn't know I am recording since it makes her nervous and intimate times with my boyfriend. Yes, I am a freak but there is nothing hotter than hearing him moan and holler due to something I am doing. Ought to try it some time!

Now my issue is after recording, I will give it a listen. I keep it if it is good and clear and trash if not. I keep getting audio of the time I am there but at times I know for a fact nothing dirty is happening, I hear it. I hear him jerking off on almost every dang one. For hours! Now there isn't a thing wrong with it, I love to hear it. BUT I will also hear it times he is talking to me. Times he is snoring. ETC. makes no sense. While I will admit I like to hear it, I am getting frustrated. I do not like the idea of something even the most innocent of things being hosed up by our fun. I do not want my daughter's singing to be riddled with jerking and fapping noises. LOL

I use one app to record. The app maker says it isn't them. Of course....It is voice recorder obtained from Google Play. I have used random apps to record and all do the same thing. There has to be a setting I am messing up. 

Is there an app or a way to verify the bleed is happening? Has to be at least most of the time since he definitely is not doing it while sitting there talking to me. 

Please help!

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