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Samsung S20 Plus Motherboard Replaced in 5 months

(Topic created on: 12/10/20 9:18 PM)
Galaxy S20

G'day forum members


My 5 month old Samsung S20 Plus stopped wireless charging about 6 weeks ago. I only used wireless charging in the car so it wasnt a big deal and for the same reason it took me 6 weeks to speak to samsung support.


They advised that the motherboard had to be replaced and they did under warranty. Brilliant support service. fast efficient and friendly. They couldnt pinpoint the cause of the motherboard failure.


I personally think i was using an aftermarket wireless charger and that may have contributed to the failure of the motherboard. Anyone else has had similar issues with their phone? can you throw some light on why it may have happened so i can avoid it in future.


Thank you very much in advance for your help






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