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Cosmic Ray

Samsung attempting to screw me out of $200 preorder credit!

So just ended a phone call with Samsung support. My local Sam's Club started taking preorders for 20 Ultra on Feb. 17th as they were only expecting a handful of devices. I have email confirmation or preorder and confirmation I will receive Samsung credit. Shop Samsung app verifies my phone is eligible, but I am unable to select the date of my preorder as only Feb. 21- Mar. 5th are selectable. Again, I had preordered on Feb. 17th with assurances that I was eligible (and verified by Sam's Club and shop Samsung App). Customer service tried to tell me I WASN'T eligible! I explained I absolutely was and that I need to speak with someone else. She stated she will escalate my account and I should hear back in 3-5 days! Pathetic! This may be my last Samsung product if they do not follow through.