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Samsung credit opinions

Should I get the buds plus or get active 2 watch using my Samsung credit

Samsung Care Ambassador

Re: Samsung credit opinions

Hey @Vickylick, I hope you're doing well.


Having both, I find it hard to pick one over the other.


I keep my watch on nearly all day and use it to track my fitness, keep track of notifications while on the go and of course, to check the time. The Galaxy Watch Active 2 is definitely an awesome smart watch.


The Galaxy Buds+ are truly top notch when it comes to true wireless earbuds. I use them as much as possible and wow, they ever everything I ever expected. The ambient sound mode basically will give you super human hearing. 


As far a the better deal goes, if you're wanting the Galaxy Watch Active 2, this would be your chance to get it at a much affordable rate. On the other hand, you'd be able to get the Buds+ at no additional cost. 


Personally, I'd go with the Galaxy Watch Active 2. I hope this helps!

Best regards,
Samsung Care Ambassador

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