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Samsung galaxy s20 fe disconnects SD card

(Topic created on: 1/21/21 5:57 PM)
Galaxy S20



I recently upgraded two phone, both my and my wife's to Samsung Galaxy S20 FE and after few weeks of using them, and now after few days (sometimes few hours) of using the phone it disconnects installed 256Gb Sundisk SD card. Happening on the both phones. One has brand new card and one 1 year old card. So I have to reboot the phones or reinsert the card to fix the issue. I called samsung support and they said that they never heard about it. I have two of Galaxy S20 FE (my and my wife's) and both have same issues. My have more often than my wife's. It could be some app I installed on both phones that doing it ? How can I check and figure out what costing it without resetting the phone to factory settings ? Any help is appreciated.



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