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Samsung health disabled

(Topic created on: 1/28/21 6:31 PM)
Galaxy S20
Go to use my Samsung health on my s20+ and find out I can no longer monitor my heart rate, ogygen level and blood pressure. I am really pissed that the update won't work on my phone but does work on my wife's s10+ phone. What the heck did they do to it? 
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Galaxy S20

In their continued goal of not listening to Samsung Customers,  Samsung has done away with lots of things that annoy Samsung Customers:


1. No Samsung Health Sensors:  Heart Rate, etc.

2. No SD Card Slot

3. No MST for  Samsung Pay payments.

4. No Front Camera Hole cover like in prior models

5. No Phone Charger or Earbuds with phone purchase


And there are other things Samsung took away as well!   This all means more profit for Samsung!  Isn't that great.



ps:  Someone asked recently if they should upgrade from an s10+ to a S21... I more or less said, "Are you kidding"???  Btw as you must know, 5G is a joke;  won't be ready for showtime for a year or two.  If I had an S10, I'd hang onto it for sure... It just might be one of the last Samsung phones to have an expandable SD card slot.