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Samsung really doesnt care does it Galaxy S20 FE not available as Prime Deal

This is really a copy and paste from a message I sent in twitter <edit>. I am not going to bother to edit or even read over it. 


I was looking forward to purchasing a GalaxyS20FE! for my wife today as part of the amazon prime shopping day. Everything I read said they would be on sale for $599, a worthy sale and enough of a drop from the OnePlus 8Pro I was looking at to make me change my mind. I was disheartened when I logged in at 2am central time to try to get one and discovered what was advertized as a prime day deal was nowhere to be found. I contacted Amazon, they said they could not assist, no surprise as they are rarely helpful, they just said I had to contact the vendor. I spent over an hour on hold for Samsung Support, transferred twice, and was told there was no deal. I meanwhile I found on my own this was a PRE-Prime day deal that was over before prime day started. The person on the phone seemed unconcerned, and just tried to get me to pay full price and sign up with Sprint and turn in my current phone.<edit> There is no way I am going to pay that much for a phone when I can pay a little more for something much better. If they wanted a sale, they could easily have made an exception or at least tried to show they cared. I wanted to let someone know that whie the sales lost here are insignificant to a company the size of Samsung that this sale, he one next month when I replace my phone (this was going to be for my wife), and when we do not purchase the Samsung oven witht he cool dehydrator feature in December, the last kitchen appliance we need... it is because your customer service lacks customer care. OnePlus 8 Pro will get our money this year, as one Plus has since 2014. This was going to be the first time we went back to Samsung in 6 years, my wife uses OnePlus and I use UMIDIGE or BLU usually. Anyway, I do not expect anything to come of this, butwanted to express my dissatisfaction. The person I sent a message to on Twitter said to post here. Since I can see the lack of concern frpm Samsung for it's customers I will avoid other samsung prodcuts until I see some significate changes and ensure I spread the word among my friends and military family.