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Samsung's relentless push toward Microsoft products is driving away a loyal customer

(Topic created on: 5/4/21 6:02 AM)
Galaxy S20

My S20 is the seventh Samsung phone I've purchased (me, wife, mother).  And I've been happy so far with my Samsung products. 

But I'll not buy another Samsung  phone unless they tame down or remove the marketing push toward Microsoft products, as I'm finding this intolerable (and unnecessary to force onto somebody clearly not interested). 

Specifically, I'm getting multiple notifications a week - if not  day.  The relentless interruptions I don't want are bad enough.  Worse yet,  I miss so many meaningful notifications  that just get lost among the plethora of Microsoft promotion notifications - that I can neither disable nor swipe away.

Here is an example:

  1. The Samsung Cloud and Samsung Push Service apps relentlessly pushes me to Microsoft OneDrive - which I loathe from my Office 365 experience.
    1. It happens both with Notifications imposed as well as sending (forcing) me to sign-up screens I neither want nor need.
    2. Samsung does NOT allow me to turn off nor disable notifications from those apps.
    3. Samsung does NOT allow me to swipe away those notifications - I am forced to take action toward Microsoft products.  My ONLY choice!
    4. Samsung does NOT allow me to disable the apps.
    5. Customer service tells me to force a stop, but within an hour, it's alive and again relentless.

Ditto for Samsung Notes pushing me to Microsoft OneNote.  I'm sure there are more Samsung Apps doing this, but I never activated many other Samsung Apps, and now I absolutely shall not.

Samsung needs to stop bullying their (loyal?) customers.  Give us a choice!  Listen when you hear "NO!".  I want to remain loyal.  Am I asking too much?????



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Galaxy S20
That's interesting. I got 1 notification to move to OneDrive, which I didn't do and I've had 0 notifications about Microsoft products in the last 12 months.
Galaxy S20
I need help ,i got a new samsung phone,but i have q link wireless service. My question is can i use q link sim in new phone?