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Samsung s20 Ultra microphone issue



I now have the s20 ultra and previously i had the s9. Since i got the s20 ultra, i experiencing some problems while recording for instance snapchat videos. The problem is that the sound of the snapchat videos is from bad quality. It now appears that the microphone on the s20 ultra has moved to the bottom left, where it is located on the bottom right of the s9. Because I am right handed my finger covered the microphone what results in a video with bad quality sound or without any sound. Also while calling my finger is often on the microphone so people can't hear me. 


I think there is also a microphone on the top of the s20 ultra, is it possible to use this microphone by using snapchat for example, instead of the microphone on the bottom?




Re: Samsung s20 Ultra microphone issue

I too have the same issue and thought there was something wrong with my phone for months. I still cover it because that's how I hold the phone and have an absolute nightmare trying to record one handed whilst holding my dog. Using a different microphone would really benefit me too