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Cosmic Ray

Samsung, these prices are out control

I have owned Samsung phones since the SIII and Note 3 and I finally had to say no and send my pre orders for the S20 Ultra and the S20+ back. If you continue along the same outrageous pricing, I will again have to say NO and turn my allegiance to another phone manufacturer. Your pricing has made you the Apple of the Android world.

Product Expert

Re: Samsung, these prices are out control

Hello Jim262,


I understand the frustration in the cost of devices, however due to the steady evolution of devices, cost will increase due to the power of the newer devices. Samsung does offer lower cost devices as well. You should consider the A line which are drastically cheaper with less expensive features than the top of the line models you have considered purchasing. The lower cost devices have less processing power, less camera features, and shorter battery life. The more pricer devices pack alot of power and features which can be costly. The S20+ comes with a professional camera built in with the processing powr of a computer. It combines top of the line products at the touch of a button without carrying around multiple devices.