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Saving power consumption and parasitic non-disabled processes in the phone OS.

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 Earlier, I used push-button telephones from NOKIA. But after their death, I began to buy iPhones, from 4 to 6. Then Apple's development stopped, everything became "expensive and bad."
 And I wanted a better display (apparently, my eyes began to deteriorate with age), in addition, the Google services system became stable and convenient. Eventually, I started buying Android phones.
I bought different devices, first Motorola, and they generally suited me, until I noticed that the display dies in 2 years, even with very rare use. I mean Moto E5+.
Then I had a bad experience with XIAOMI over the last year. Thanks to my titanic efforts and three proven facts of factory defect. I was able to get my money back from XIAOMI. What made me very angry about their products? A lot of non-disconnectable incomprehensible parasitic processes that are completely unnecessary in the phone. In particular, GPS tracking and surveillance through the towers of cellular operators, which cannot be turned off, these things are built into the work of the Qualcomm processor itself.
 In addition, the super-powerful processor from Qualcomm, which is rarely needed (only for photo and video shooting), consumes an unreasonably large battery charge the rest of the time.

  I consider myself an ordinary electronics user. That is, I bought a modern phone. I need voice communication, SMS, sometimes phone updates and (very rarely) e-mail when I have taken an important photo (video) and it needs to be sent to the Internet.
Android 8 inside the Motorola Moto E5 Plus was fine for me. All subsequent updates did not give anything good.
 Now I bought (3 months ago) Samsung Galaxy 20 FE. I see in it the same problems as in XIAOMI. Too powerful processor Qualcomm. Many processes that cannot be shut down.

 I am referring to Samsung. You have made a function in your Operating System - "Energy-Saving Mode".
I hoped that turning on this function would make my smartphone "just a phone". This is exactly what you promised in your product ad.
 When I unlocked the XIAOMI smartphone, I disabled all unnecessary processes, and my smartphone continued to work normally. I got a device with 65 processes running in the background, and a power consumption of 5% from a 4500 mAh battery.
Now I have a Samsung device that consumes 10% of the 4500 mAh battery per day, just being in standby mode when the smartphone is on the table.
That is, I want to say that the characteristics of the XIAOMI Poco F2 Pro smartphone I bought earlier and the Samsung Galaxy 20FE smartphone (now) are almost the same, but I did not expect to see that Samsung has worse energy consumption characteristics than the XIAOMI.
 Samsung, you promise certain things in your ad. In addition, various "independent reviewers" on the Internet are enthusiastic about how perfectly your smartphones are optimized for battery power consumption. But this is not true, as it turned out.
What is your answer to this? Will you use more economical processors in your smartphones? You will be changing for the better the "Energy Saving" mode in the smartfone so that it works as you stated?



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I got to be honest with you there's too much information there can you break this down to something very short and concise so we could really understand what you're getting at let's just talk about the phone and what's going on not all the other stuff
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@userSirrmZX1Tt "I need voice communication, SMS, sometimes phone updates and (very rarely) e-mail when I have taken an important photo (video) and it needs to be sent to the Internet."

Based on the information provided above, I'm very surprised that you went with a phone which has much more capabilities than you will ever use. You may want to consider a Trac phone. There are Trac phones with smart phone capabilities starting at less than $50.