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Screen "blinks" or refreshes every 6 to 12 minutes after recent update

(Topic created: 11-28-2021 09:10 PM)
Galaxy S20


My Galaxy S20+ recently started experiencing an issue. The screen "blinks" or refreshes every 12 minutes, or every 6-7 minutes when I'm watching a video, playing a game, or other similar heavy usage. I call it "blink" instead of flicker since it's not continuous and not that frequent. This started right after I updated my phone last November 24. I noticed the issue about an hour after the update, while I was watching a video. At first, I thought it was just a connection issue, but realized the issue is persistent.

While the issue doesn't make the phone unusable, it is very disruptive. When watching a video on Youtube or Netflix in full screen, the screen is reverted back to windowed mode or the previous page. Pop-up screens such as when typing a comment on Facebook will also be closed when the screen blinks. Games will lag or will sometimes be minimized every time the issue happens.

My hunch is that this is not merely an LCD issue, but more of a bug in the Memory or OS, since it refreshes, closes, or minimizes some apps.

I have attached a video that demonstrates the issue here https://bit.ly/3reEXhu(00:05 - 00:007). The blinking happens randomly without any trigger, but I made an observation and found out it happens every 6 to 12 minutes (6 minutes with heavy usage, 12 mins with just normal browsing).

I have tried the following troubleshooting methods but to no avail:
1. Clear System Cache
2. Factory Reset (incl. storage wipe)

Anybody else experiencing this? What would be the fix? Thanks a lot!

Screenshot_20211129-125906_Software update.jpg

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Galaxy S20

have you tried it in safe mode? 

submit an error report when it happens again

Samsung Members app > + Button > Error report

Galaxy S20
Same, samsung did not even acknowledge that issue.asking me to reset settings Lol
And delete what app is causing this. i said it happens on wallpaper. They had no answer.