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Smart Switch doesn't work as advertised and trade in refused

After a very long time on Samsung Support chat regarding transfering APPS and data from my old Galaxy S7 to the S20, and after going through their directions Smart Switch only transferred 16 of 42 apps and did not transfer the msg data over to the S20. Tried 3 times to no avail.   In addition I tried to get Samsung directions on resetting my old S7 for the $250 credit on the purchase of the S20 and struggled to make it factory reset,  so reset the phone using the settings, phone reset. Then I sent it to Samsung to get the trade in value.  Received a msg saying the phone was not reset so no trade in credit.  Talked to Samsung technical support who asked me to call Sales Support which I did.  They told me that I had 3 options: 1. to have them send the S7 back and they would bill me for the $250, 2. Escalate me up the support chain to have them check the phone reset again as everything was fine except for a reset, but the phone probably would do the same thing and they would bill me for the $250, 3.  Have them send the S7 back to me and for me to return the S20 for a full refund and then go through the process again and get their Samsung repair facility where I live to help factory reset the S7 and then go through the whole purchase process over again and order a new S20 and trade in the old one again.  I asked if they could send the S7 back to me so I could get the Samsung repair facility to help with a factory reset and give me more days to send the S7 back to them and still get the $250 trade in value and they said no as the only 3 options  stated above would apply.  During these calls and chats time passed and I would have 3 days to return the S20 for any refund.  I don't quite know what to do as the $250 trade in credit time will expire before the situation can be resolved so I will be stuck with another 250 cost.  Any ideas anyone?