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Solution to all my problems

After purchasing the S20 ultraexpensive then finding out the camera doesn't focus, that T-Mobile 5G is slow, and the zoom is a marketing gimmick, I decided to trade out for an iPhone 11 Pro Max. After many years and over 20 Samsung phones, I'm out. I also purchased a Samsung vacuum cleaner. An extra, spare battery was part of the promo. I communicated the lack of the spare battery 10 times with various departments who sent me one to another for a week. I sent the vacuum back. It's been a month. No refund yet. Samsung has a lot of promise but I'm tired of the crappy support and the claims for new products which are not met.  Enjoying my new Apple Watch 5 (Gave my Galaxy Watch away)  and my iPhone. Very smooth and seamless experience.  No regrets. Peace.