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Spen case

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Galaxy S20

Please allow for spen functionality on galaxy s series phones. We would need a smart case that goes on the phone that hold the spen in the case and charges it with the phones reverse wireless charging. This case would need to be able to keep the spen charged and also be able to reverse wireless charge another phone. To do this it would come at the cost of slower charging for the the other phone. This case would also need sheilding around the spen in such a way as to not interfere the other qi pads


So the case has a qi reciever and thread to the spen holder where another qi output is located. But this thread would need to have transistors to prevent an overload of electricity.


So you would need a toggle in the phone for spen to keep it always charge and a toggle for reverse wireless charging and when you turn reverse wireless charging on those transistors in that thread become active preventing the spen from exploding

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Sorry to say but the Note line will most likely be the only phone line with the Spen

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