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Starting workouts from lock screen with bixby voice, stopped working after a recent update.

(Topic created on: 4/17/21 8:38 PM)
Galaxy S20

I'm using a Galaxy S20. I don't know what update or exactly when, but I just noticed today that I can no longer start a workout routine from bixby, with my phone locked. I was able to do this back in December 2020 for sure. I used it with bixby routines. I had a routine set up so that when my bluetooth speakers in my helmet were turned on, it would make bixby start a cycling workout. It was awesome to have it do it without having to unlock my phone or even take it out of my pocket. 

But today I went out for the first ride of the year, and when I turned my speakers on, bixby said I had to unlock my device first. I made sure I had the setting checked to use bixby from lock screen. Checking weather still works from lock. But they took away the feature of starting workouts. If I ask Bixby to start a workout, it tells me to unlock the device first. 

Is that a bug? Or was there a reason it was removed? The only thing it did was start the workout, or stop the workout. To actually look at the workout I still had to unlock the phone for that. So surely it wasn't a security issue. 

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