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Text select doesn't work in messages app

(Topic created on: 4/21/21 7:18 PM)
Galaxy S20

Use Case: I am trying to copy a phone number, E-mail, or URL out of a long text message.

The text select-copy feature doesn't work WITHIN RECEIVED text messages, tapping in the message only selects the WHOLE message, not the select-copy-select_all GUI clipboard control.

Example of text message from phone number 718-555-1212: "Hi, this is a very long message, but you'll want to call me at 212-555-1212 or send an E-mail to sample@example.com when you are done reading this message."

What I want to do is copy the phone number (212-555-1212) out of the message (e.g., to create a new message to a different contact, or to update contact information), or copy the E-mail address out of the message.  In other text boxes, I can press-hold on text and have Begin/End markers to peel out portions of the text.

This kind of Text Select doesn't work in the messages app.  I switched from a 2015 Samsung S4 Mini to a 2020 Samsung S20 Ultra 5G ... what a terrible phone, I'd easily go back to the S4 Mini, but I can't because Verizon won't reactivate 4G phones.

How do I select text WITHIN a RECEIVED text message?

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