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Thank You Samsung

I've been waiting to have a really good experience with a mobile device, and I think I've finally found it. With all the comparisons against Android (Samsung Galaxy phones) vs iOS (iPhones) has been confusing and exhausting. I've have every top of the line phone that matters and just as fast as I got them, I sold them or traded hoping to find the right experience. I just want the best of both worlds, the smoothness and simplicity of an iPhone with the control of an Android phone. We all would like security but that ship has sailed. As far as privacy, that's a thing of the past with governments snooping and hacking into every device we own. No matter what device we have or what operating system your device runs the exposure to tampering is unavoidable. Never the less I digress, moving back to what I've always wanted in a device. I now have a device that I can take with me everywhere I go and do things like gaming, surfing news updates, research ancient history and then come home and that device is not only my gaming console but my portable pc that I can use my monitor, keyboard and mouse. A true all in one device that delivers a smooth user interface experience. If you haven't guessed it by now I'm talking about the Galaxy S20 Ultra. This device has the power of a laptop, gaming console, yet remains a mobile device. I'm loving the new design, although I think having a thicker phone to make the camera flush on the back wouldn't have hurt, could have added extra battery to justify the thickness. I have yet to test all the features of the S20 Ultra, so I will be giving an update after more bug fixes and improvements have been made. As of now I’m impressed, I almost went with the iPhone Pro Max when I found out that they have now added mouse support with iOS 13 but I found out that it was still not developed to fit a screen so I had to go with the Ultra and so far I’m glad I did.