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The camera on the S20 ultra is terrible

(Topic created: 11-24-2021 04:00 PM)
Cosmic Ray
Galaxy S20

So I stepped back from the S21 ultra and replaced it with an S20 ultra because of the MST feature, now this could have been the stupidest thing I've ever done because because the camera on this thing is completely trash ash I mean it's like trying to take a picture of something up close like your ID is like looking through a dirty piece of plastic Nothing is is even close to being in focus and even if you get part of it in focus  Is outside not in focus

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Galaxy S20
Think Space Zoom is a joke cause of that!!! Think most use it to read signs far away!!! Think bot S20 and S21 Ultras had focusing issues and took long time to focus which is why I got S20+!!! And S21 series has same camera unless you look at S21 Ultra but they lost SD Card Tray and not paying $60 for an inferior S Pen whereas S22 Ultra has Pen with Bluetooth and a hole to store and recharge.