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USB C to USB Not Working

(Topic created: 06-11-2021 03:57 PM)
Galaxy S20

Well, I spent the cash on the "flagship" S20 Ultra 5G, was pretty happy with it for about 6 months....until....the USB to USB connection to my computer  ceased to function. All I get is an error code indicating the charger is not plugged in correctly. The phone is basically an expensive brick right now. No Data Transfer possible. To say I'm upset would be a massive understatement.

I have tried every internet fix available and nothing has worked, the phone is worthless as a work tool now. Very disappointed. I don't think a fix exists. This all started with the latest update...never should have done it. Maybe it's time to go back to Motorola.

Anybody figured this out yet? I'm guessing not.

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Galaxy S20

so... you're saying your phone is literally a brick, as in "bricked" like unusable? or you're just saying it's a brick because you are unable to transfer data like you used to?

Did you try other cables? Check the permission on your device? Charging port is okay?

have you tried submitting issue report to Samsung Members app post recreating the issue? (this is if you are able to use your phone). 

if your phone is literally 'bricked' then try taking it to the authorized repair center (UbreakIfix) and have them diagnose what is wrong with it.

Flagship title doesn't mean it'll be issue-free. Coming across a defective product is a lottery that nobody wants to take part in but has to by no choice when purchasing a product. Hope you get your phone fixed, good luck