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USB C to aux solution?

I use an aux cord to play music in my car, and since the S20 brilliantly decided to forego the aux input I had to buy a USB-C to aux converter.

I bought one at Walmart, connected everything, and voila! It worked brilliantly! But then I went to another store, and upon getting back into the car and pluggin geverything back in I discovered the converted was no longer working.

I've been monkeying around with it a bit an discovered something odd:

If I use the aux cord + converter to plug into my bluetooth speakers input channel then it works fine. When I unplug the aux end and bring everything back out to my car then it works in the car again! But if I unplug the converter from the phone then it stops working in the car once I plug it back in. I have to plug it into my speaker, then unplug the aux end and bring it back out to my car, where it'll work again until the converter end gets unplugged from the phone.

I don't know jack squat about electronics, so does anyone know why this is happening? And are there any other solutions besides plugging everything into my speaker prior to my car?


Re: USB C to aux solution?

Get a Bluetooth to plug into the AUX. What I use in my work truck mainly because I don't want another cable attached to my phone.

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