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Updates Without Authorization/Permission

Hey, so I have had this phone, the S20 plus, since March. It's happened 3 times now where it will tell me there is an update, I'll schedule it for 2am while I'm sleeping. Simple right, except that doesn't happen. I schedule it to happen while I'm inactive for a reason, because it's happened twice now while I was on the road at night and my phone started an update completely randomly and out of nowhere, and I obviously couldn't access GPS or contact family or even emergency services (as a woman traveling alone this is something that should always be accessible.)  Beyond stressful and worrisome, this is something I should never have to put up with as a consumer, nor anyone else because it sacrifices safety and in my multiple situations leaves me stranded for some time with an expensive paper weight. I need a solution, I don't know why the scheduling always fails to work. We have wi-fi and I set my phone on the charger at night. If anything it should prompt me to schedule it again or download now as it did the first time (like apple did.) Disabling my phone for some time should never ever be the go-to way to deliver an update, because again, it compromises my safety and well-being, the first time I SERIOUSLY was 4 hours away from my destination on a pitch black, 2-lane road heavily dependent on GPS and MY EXPENSIVE PHONE to get me home safely, in times like this it's absolutely a poor investment if it cannot do the most basic of things. This is definitely a deal breaker if left unresolved.


Re: Updates Without Authorization/Permission

I am having the same exact issue with my Galaxy S10+! It always happens when I am on the road using my GPS (I am also a woman who fears for her safety when alone on the road). It is incredibly dangerous and inconsiderate of Samsung. Wouldn't be surprised if this led to a lawsuit. They need to stop these forced updates.