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Voice to text not solved

(Topic created on: 3/13/21 5:57 PM)
Galaxy S20

I read recently supposedly solved voice to next. The solutions did not work. 

This is from original post

"pale gray interface for Google Voice changed to a huge, blue circle with microphone on a plain white backdrop, and it is duplicating half of my sentences, mistyped words, and failing to autocorrect things such as there, their, and they're as pertaining to the sentence. It doesn't operate as smoothly as the gray interface, with no options to make Corrections without having to completely Go back to the original keyboard. I also seem to have lost the ability to touch on a word and have spelling suggestions or variants Appear almost like a pop down window."

Supposedly uninstalling Google update is supposed to fix this. It does not. When I uninstall update and try to use voice to text it says I have to install Google Voice . Google voice to text is useless.

I have done everything suggested in the original post . I'm actually trying to use Google voice right now and every time I pause it freaking closes. This is really pissing me off

this is a Samsung problem because it happened after this last update. 

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