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What do the various display colors mean on the EB-U3300XJEGUS charge?

(Topic created on: 12/28/20 12:53 PM)
Cosmic Ray
Galaxy S20

Seeking a super-fast charge, and liking the option of using it to charge the phone wirelessly (S20 Ultra phone, by the way), I bought a couple of model EB-U3300XJEGUS chargers. They work well, but there's a little LED indicator that at various times shows various colors. The tiny sheet of paper that passes for documentation (quick start guide), says nothing about this. The quick start guide says you can look up the full manual online. Guess what? No you can't! They didn't have it available anywhere on their website!! So, I called the customer support number. I ended up spending nearly an hour on the phone with someone who looked up the manual (and he couldn't find it accessible on the public website, either). He sent me the full manual, and the only mention of the LED is to label where it is, calling it a "status indicator." Still no indication just what the various colors it displays actually mean! The tech person was pleasant, but totally unable to tell me what the various colors mean. So, two questions: 1) Does anyone know what the various colors the status LED displays mean?
2) Why on earth doesn't Samsung explain - somewhere - what those colors signify?

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