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What features do you lose after rooting an S20?

(Topic created: 01-19-2021 04:42 PM)
Galaxy S20

I'm looking into upgrading from my OnePlus 7 Pro to possibly the S21 Ultra. The last Samsung device I had before was the S4 Mini, if anyone remembers that.

The idea is that I have my current phone rooted and all I've lost in terms of features is Widevine L1 DRM license. That means no HD Netflix for me, or whatever apps that use Widevine will have limited functionality.

From what I can remember, and what I have found online is that you lose OTA updates (which was also an issue during the S4 Mini days), and you also lose Secure Folder and Samsung Pay. Also not to forget the loss of warranty.

I know Samsung Pay won't work, but since it's not available in my country and I'm using Google Pay anyway, I don't care that much.

What other features do you lose? What is Secure Folder? Do you lose support for Samsung Dex? Do you lose Widevine L1 support?

I also have a Samsung Galaxy Watch 3 which doesn't have EKG (yet). I've heard mixed stories of EKG working or not after rooting your Samsung phone. Does it still work or not? Do you lose any Watch related features after rooting?

I know that voiding your warranty with a brand new phone is not worth it for some people. Everyone can do whatever they want with their phone, including me. I take responsibility for my own actions.

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Galaxy S20
I have a Samsung gear s3 ,and when I rooted my phone I had to use a later version of Galaxy Wearable App..I couldn't figure out why I couldn't pair my watch to my phone..
Stephanie Nikki
Black Hole
Galaxy S20

Rooting your phone will also cost you access to some Samsung applications, like Samsung Pay for example. A rooted device also will not qualify for any accommodations should you need to seek exchange or refund options with Samsung for any reason.

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