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Whatsapp crashing in Secure Folder after latest Update

(Topic created: 03-12-2023 12:16 PM)
Alwin Alexander
Galaxy S20


Do you have a testing team in place to test the updates before it goes live? Or is it like the user has to undergo all the hassle and bring it up to you guys so that you people can take your sweet time to get back to us with nothing??

Also who the **bleep** approves the update to go live without proper Quality checks???

I'm a Samsung S20 FE user, who updated his device 3 days back with the latest UI and security update. After the update, I noticed WhatsApp within the Secure folder gets crashed frequently. Please don't say its an issue with WhatsApp coz I've tested it by installing the same version outside secure folder and it works fine like a champ. If you say its an issue with WhatsApp, you will need to explain how the same version of WhatsApp works fine outside Secure Folder and crashes within Secure Folder.

I've also gone through the Community posts and could see a good amount of users facing similar issues with Secure Folder.

Please note, this is not the first time @samsung. Couple of months back you guys released and update and the night mode Cam shots turned to be a real nightmare. 

Why is it that each time you guys release an update and we users have to undergo some or the other hustle? I really wonder if you guys are sending out updates to improve the existing performance of the device or is it to make it worse???? Hope you guys have the guts to take responsibility on the trouble you guys are causing and also the time to dip check what your backend tech team does in the name of UPDATE.

I'm not closing this here, but I'm actually waiting for your inputs on the current issue as to why WhatsApp crashes within Secure Folder. 


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