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When will Adobe Premiere Rush be available for Galaxy S20 users?

I purchased a Samsung Galaxy S20 5G Ultra to replace an older model iPhone, because I wanted to take high quality photos and videos for my business, and the S20 has much better performance for editing. I was extremely dissapointed when I discovered that although my main mobile video editing software, Adobe Premiere Rush claims to support Android phones, it does not support the Galaxy S20!!! 


I just contacted Adobe to see if and when the S20 would be supported, but they said this is an issue that I need to contact Samsung about.  Unfortunately, I found no other information on this topic on the Samsung site, hence coming to the forum for details on whether or not us S20 users will ever be able to use Adobe Premiere Rush. 


Below is the link to Adobe's site which addresses which operating systems and phones are currently supported:


By the nature of their site saying that Premiere Rush doesn't support the Galaxy S20, I presume this is something I should be contacting Adobe about to get them to put a priority on supporting this phone. Is that the case, or should I find a way to escalate the issue through Samsung to get it's software developers to enable Adobe Premiere Rush to be supported on it?


Thanks in advance for letting me know where to focus my attention in trying to use this app on my S20.