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White Screen issue

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NSR Fiji
Galaxy S20

I write this with great regret. I have had terrible experience with Samsung over the past 3 flagship phones that I have purchased and will no longer be supporting Samsung.

I have owned:

  • Galaxy SII
  • Galaxy S4
  • Galaxy S7 Edge
  • Galaxy Note 8
  • Galaxy S20 Ultra


The Issue

I will keep this brief and stick to the point

S7 Edge

Great phone with great battery life, gave me the Pink Line of Death (PLOD) as we call it in our Facebook group with people from all over the world. Then after a few months the phone died.


Note 8

Battery life was absolutely terrible. All the sensors stopped working (gyroscope, Iris etc)

Thankfully the phone was on warranty so it was fixed in a few days.

S20 Ultra

The battery life is terrible as well, despite testing with several settings (example: FHD 60 HZ, sync off etc). The camera is a SHAME, I don’t even want to go there and explain it. Right now it is practically unusable. And now, the screen has completely gone white, not useable at all. I am currently using it through “Your Phone” to backup and give it in to a technician.


Phones cost a fortune here in Fiji, I bought the S20 Ultra for approximately $3200 FJD and it’s a shame when it is from an industry leader and it is not even up to par.


I will share my experience with whomever I can so that they don’t make the same mistakes that I have.


I really did enjoy all the features of Samsung phones.

Hope this complaint can be taken into consideration to improve.

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Galaxy S20
Thanks for the warning. Especially since I'm trying the idea of moving up with Samsung phones.
Galaxy S20
I'm just saying, this s10 is a good phone and before this I had an s8+ that was really the greatest thing in the world till I dropped it..