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'Wireless Charging Paused' (Solution)

(Topic created: 07-07-2021 09:00 AM)
Galaxy S20

I sort of found a solution for wireless charging my Galaxy S20 FE 5G. I have a wireless charging pad that I bought from Costco, brand is Ubiolabs. It came in a two pack. I bought it to charge my work iPhone. I just got the Galaxy S20 FE 5G as my personal phone but when I put it on one of these Ubiolabs pads, it would start charging then stop almost immediately saying 'Wireless charging  paused'. I tried a bunch of settings but nothing to would fix. 

However I found a solution, and I am posting it here in case it helps Samsung or someone else create a solution for the problem. If you bring up the 'Battery information' screen from the 'About phone' menu and start wireless charging it will work. The page I am talking about says, "Battery status', Battery level', 'Battery capacity', etc. 

Like I said, if you have that page up when you place the phone on the pad, it will continue to charge and not pause.

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