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Worst camera on S20 a reason to leave Samsung?

(Topic created on: 12/13/20 7:38 AM)
Galaxy S20
Sadly this day has come for me and pretty tough decision to make. Appreciate any suggestions. Been using official One UI 3.0 (not beta) update on my S20 plus from around 10 days and I'm shocked this is samsung. For many years, I have been one of those people who buys their flagship phones every year, not because of its great camera and for best overall. I love Knox and ability to use separate work profile, adblocking etc, great phone designs every year since S7 (been using both S and Note models). Camera was never my first preference and I never really cared, because I don't use phone for serious photography. 

With this One UI 3.0, camera takes pictures like on toy camera. Although I use professional cameras for serious photos, here and there we do family selfie, portrait shots, etc. But now this camera is worst than a $100 phone, make me look like a white guy cleaning up all colors on my skin. Precisely makes most people look like characters from Barbie movie. I have turned off all beauty modes, tried using the skin tone slider, but not helpful. Now that even gcam doesnt work on front cam without raw support, my phone camera is dead for me. I never cared for a camera on phone, but definitely wouldn't carry this phone which doesn't have a usable. Anyone has a fix? I might Samsung for this one reason (which is silly, but important) and look at pixel or iphones. Every time I pull up my camera, my family laughs at me 
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Agreed! I regret buying this phone and can't believe the ridiculous amount of filtering on the selfie camera. I literally can't get a realistic picture. So much for body positivity and appreciation for the beauty in our flaws. This camera looks like someone took a putty knife and covered my face with peach-colored spackle. #lastsamsungphone

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Galaxy S20
I second all of the above. very disappointed in camera